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Awakening the Uncommon Man: A Conversation with Josh Parish

Awakening The Uncommon Man

We often find ourselves wondering what it takes to be successful in life. According to bread-winning sales executive and life coach, Josh Parish, success begins with fostering an unshakeable mindset. This mindset requires navigating the psychological battle of overcoming self-doubt, fear, and anxiety, a struggle that can often prove challenging to swallow.


In a thought-provoking interview, Alain Dumonceaux, founder of the Awakened Man movement, delves deep into the life experiences that shaped Josh Parish into the man he is today - truly uncommon.


Going Beyond the Average


Being in the spotlight may feel like a daunting position for many. But not for Parish. With a keen eye for power dynamics and an obsession with psychological warfare, Parish turned negative life experiences into stepping stones. From being the 'new kid' at school to battling with a prevailing notion of unworthiness masked by anxiety, his story is one of relentless transformation.


Finding Your True Calling


Parish was making a profitable career in real estate, selling millions of dollars worth of property annually. But he asked himself a powerful question. Was he pursuing real estate for a comfortable life or should he pursue his true calling? This resulted in him diving headfirst into what he was passionate about – health, fitness, and mindset coaching.


Fashioning himself into a change agent, Parish is focused on supporting men in their fitness transformations. He created programs like the "Get Up Gang," an online community that focuses on the highest return on investment action items for fitness and health. It's about putting a worthy cause into action - about walking the path rather than merely planning it.


The Power of Mentors and Choosing the Right Path


Parish stresses the role of mentors and seeks out their guidance. Seeing the world through their wisdom can give us action items, crucial steps towards accomplishing our goals. From lessons learned over time, Parish suggests focusing on the highest ROI activities first before anything else.


This approach ties in with another crucial point Parish makes, that of understanding the power dynamics that surround us. He emphasizes the necessity of critically analysing the stories we tell about ourselves and reframing them to shift our perspective of self. Parish learned this from a surprising source, Robert Green’s "48 Laws of Power".


Master the Game of Life


Parish's journey is a testament to his unwavering belief that one should move towards action rather than sticking to suffocating and potentially misplaced planning. The essence of his teachings from his profoundly personal experiences is simple: Shift your perspective of self, be mindful of the stories you craft about yourself, and be unafraid of embracing the unknown. Take that small step forward and honor your promises to yourself. The rest will fall into place as you master the game of life.




True success doesn't lie in achieving predefined societal statuses but in being a relentless, unstoppable force that takes everything life throws at you and uses it to create something exceptional - you. Ultimately, it's about listening to your inner voice and committing to what feels right for you.


As Brad Hofer, another guest on the Revolutionary Man podcast puts it, it's time to stop sleepwalking through life and to awaken your unique potential. It's time for you to become the uncommon man.


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