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Fists in Solidarity

Welcome to the band of brothers!

I started the Men's Mentorship Program after two life changing events occurred. I didn’t have a close relationship with my father and not that he didn’t want one, I just didn’t know how to have one with him.


As I looked for avenues to work through my wounds it became apparent there isn’t much out there for men…Just Men!


That is why I started this brotherhood. To give men a secure and safe community with resources to become the best version of themselves. Through a personal Integrity Challenge that fuels your Hero’s Quest this is more than a support group. It is a masterclass designed to provide you with the best results possible in a structured learning and engaging format.


You maybe wondering why is this so important? Well, I have yet to meet a man that is completely killing it in all facets of his life. What we focus on grows and improves. What we don’t wilts and dies. That’s a fact of life. So, without an action plan your left to your whims for how to fix it. Regardless of what others will say, you can have it all…IF you're willing to commit to being the best all-round father, husband, brother, leader.


If you’re ready to step up:

  1. I invite you to book a 30-minute clarity consultation below

  2. Check out my blog and podcast

You will learn from guys in our mentorship program who are just like yourself and have taken their careers, relationships, health, and lives to the next level.

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Meet Alain

Looking back on my childhood, we never went without a meal or clothes on our back or a warm bed to sleep in. With 5 mouths to feed, my father worked a full time job and worked the farm with my grandparents. It didn’t leave a lot of time to spend with us. 


We didn’t really know how to have a relationship with him and like many men whose fathers are no longer with us we can’t go back and have the kind of talks we wished we had. 


Unfortunately, I repeated a similar pattern with my children and when divorce came calling, I knew things had to change.

I had a successful career and along with it a failed marriage, bankruptcy, addiction, etc. (Join the brotherhood to hear the full story.) 

Alain Dumonceaux - Life Coach in Winnipeg

As I talk with men, I can see they struggle with many of the same things I did. And with the assault on masculinity, there’s a need to reclaim our masculine essence. You know, we’re being challenged to be softer, wimpier, less toughness and more tenderness. Geez, give me a break. 


Look, I am no expert just a guy that’s been battlefield tested and with some training to help steer the ship. The greatest value out of what I do is listening and learning from men like you. 


The way I see it is, it's never too late to learn from great men. Join me and the brotherhood. Let’s become great men together.

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