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Unleashing the Story Within - A Guide for Aspiring StoryTelling Authors


Writing is a voyage towards a destination - telling our stories to the world. Be it a whispered dream shared at a family gathering or a roaring proclamation from the stage, we all have a story within us itching to be shared. Yet, the path to becoming an author might seem shrouded in mystery and fraught with challenges.


In a recent interview with Alain Dumonceaux on the Revolutionary Man podcast, multi-bestselling author and educator Ryan Fahey revealed insights on tapping into our unique potential as writers and shared tidbits about his writing journey and lessons learnt along the way.


#Embrace Storytelling as a Part of Your Identity


Fahey affirmed that we all have the innate potential to morph into published authors. However, this journey hinges on our ability to embrace writing as an integral part of our identity. It's an evolution from being a regular Joe to a confident author penning thoughts that might reshape lives and the world at large.


#Overcoming Challenges as a Writer


The journey is, however, rarely smooth sailing. Like any endeavour worth pursuing, writing has its fair share of challenges. Writer's block, a common affliction among authors, is essentially a creativity drought that can be frustrating. Fahey suggests routines and practical strategies to stay motivated, such as writing a bit every day and utilising the potential of AI tools to counteract this issue.


Fahey also touched on how striking a balance between life's other commitments and carving out adequate writing time is another hurdle to overcome. His solution? Dig deep into when you are the most creative and prioritize dedicating that time to writing.


In terms of receiving critiques, Fahey encourages writers to spin them positively. It's about treating critiques as valuable feedback to improve rather than perceiving them as disheartening setbacks. It's all about the growth mindset.


#Discovering Your Unique Voice


Every author is blessed with a distinctive voice. All it takes is a bit of self-discovery to hone it. Fahey offered advice for writers seeking their own distinct style. He suggested they immerse themselves in the literary worlds of authors they admire. The inspiration we draw from the prose, the narrative style, and the energy of the authors can steer us towards discovering our unique style.


#The Magic of Publishing


When it comes to publishing, the traditional publishing route has been disrupted by today's digital age. The rise of self-publishing platforms and AI technologies have made publishing accessible to all writers. Fahey stressed that there's never been a better time to be an author!


The key takeaway from this enlightening interview with Ryan Fahey was clear: each one of us, given the right tools, endurance, and mindset, can tell our unique stories to the world. After all, who can narrate our tales better than we can, right? As Fahey rightly pointed out, we are our own best authors, our unique tales penned in the ink of authenticity are waiting to be unraveled and shared with the world. And in doing so, in adding our voices to the world's narrative, we have the potential to change it.


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