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Honing the Power of Video Games: A Candid Talk with Psychiatrist Dr. Agam Dhawan

Honing The Power of Video Games: A Candid Talk with Psychiatrist Dr Agam Dhawan

In this age dominated by digital entertainment, video games hold sway over a significant number of people across different age groups. Yet when the leisurely pleasure of gaming evolves into an ill-boding addiction, concerns naturally arise. Aiming to address such issues, particularly among young men, we had an enlightening discussion with Psychiatrist and Mental Health Advocate, Dr. Agam Dhawan.

Harnessing the Power of Video Games

According to Dr. Dhawan, video games invoke a sense of competition and adrenaline chase inherent in most men. The gripping storylines and the thrill of overcoming challenges make the characters feel potent, respected and loved. Whether it's defeating a monstrous dragon or traversing playing fields to score goals, our inherent quest for success is mirrored in the games we play. Hence, it's time to channel the spirit of videographic victory into everyday life, to level up personal skills just like in gaming.

Gaming Evolution and Addiction

From the pixelated Pong to the expansive world of Skyrim, video gaming has come a long way, offering immersive experiences to players. The fascinating world of video games, however, can often hold children, predominantly boys and men, captive to their screens. The question hence arises, how can parents tackle this growing predilection before it morphs into an addiction?

Alain Dumonceaux, the founder of the Awakened Man movement, emphasized understanding what the game means to the child. Once parents pinpoint what void the game fills for the child, they can work towards finding alternatives to fulfil that need and gradually wean them off the screens.

Rising Mental Health Concerns among Gamers

Dr. Dhawan highlighted some common mental health issues rampant among enthusiastic gamers. An unexpected discovery was the prevalence of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

ADHD does not confine itself to a lack of focus. The less developed frontal lobes in teenagers, responsible for critical thinking, coupled with ADHD, make it increasingly challenging to concentrate on productive tasks. Yet, video games, being high stimuli but low effort, easily captivate the ADHD mind, accentuating the growing addiction among boys.

Extreme Ownership and Gaming Addiction

One of the most potent solutions lies in taking extreme ownership. It is essential to understand that while gaming addiction needs to be controlled, it doesn't necessarily mean complete elimination.

Moreover, recognizing the pain caused by excessive gaming is crucial to initiate change. As Dr. Dhawan rightly points out, for any change to occur, emotional pain is pivotal. This pain can become the fuel to set achievable goals and navigate towards them.

In conclusion, by understanding the pull of video games, mitigating the risks of addiction, addressing common mental health issues, and adopting the principle of extreme ownership, parents can certainly turn the tables and leverage the power of gaming to their advantage, fostering well-rounded development in their children.


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