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What Are You Attracting Using The Law of ATtraction?

What Are You Attracting Using The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction at its very basic level states that everything is created by thought and that thought attracts itself not only to physical things, but also people, situations and circumstances.

Your dominant thoughts are activating the Law of Attraction at this very moment and bringing these things into your life.

However, we not only create and attract the material things that enter our lives, we also create the personality we display and the person we are and we do it through our thoughts. Thoughts at both the conscious and subconscious level.

Conscious thoughts turn into subconscious directives that become our automatic response system without us even realizing it.

In order to reprogram yourself to attract the things, people and events you desire you must become aware of your dominant thoughts and feelings and change the way you think. If you are feeling a negative emotion ask yourself why then see the positives in the situation.

Feel Gratitude

Be grateful for the smallest things in life, a sunny day, less traffic, hitting all the green lights on the way to work. Alternatively hitting the red lights gives you precious downtime to listen to your favourite radio station, audiobook or podcast.

Training yourself to feel the positive emotions prior to the event is crucial to shifting your circumstance. There are positives in everything if you allow yourself to find them. Train yourself to see the best in every situation. Focus on being happier and appreciative for everything in life remembering that our worst experiences are our greatest teachers.

Are you thinking that your life is too hard to find anything positive? Then read the biography of Leopold Engleitner a Jewish man who survived three Nazi concentration camps and refused to feel sorry for himself while he was a prisoner. In those unimaginably horrible circumstances, he was forced to endure every day he maintained his optimism, cheered up those around him and never lost his hope for freedom.

A New Happier You

By consistently making positive changes you will shift what you attract into your life. More positivity, love, and happiness will flow to you, and the longer you do it the easier it becomes until it is second nature and one day you wake up in a whole new reality.

I think you owe it to yourself to delve deeper into this mysterious Universe and learn as much as you can about the laws that govern your life.

When you truly understand the Law of Attraction and begin to work with it for your personal advantage, I promise you, your life will change in fantastic, unexpected and unlimited ways.



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