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The Voice Within

Welcome to the final part of our spiritual journey. We started our journey by looking at the differences between spiritual science and material science. We learned that material science lives on the plane of seeing is believing while spiritual science is about believing and then I see it.

Next, we unwrapped what spiritual science is and determined it is a synchronization of all faith traditions guided by one simple truth. That we are all on a spiritual journey that leads to the same place.

We also looked at why spiritual science is needed during these changing times. We found that because spiritual science attempts to synchronize all faith traditions with “right thinking” that the marriage of spirituality and science is not only plausible but inevitable.

We learned how to achieve spiritual awakening and learned to make space to be still and quiet allowing us to connect with infinite intelligence.

The journey to enlightenment has many paths and in our last article, we distilled the path to three stages. Starting with the ego and the hypnotic spell it places in our lives. Then as we transition to becoming aware of our surrounding and self, we were able to connect with a higher power which led us to the last stage of being conscious beings totally awake to our life.

In our final article, we take a moment to hear what the voice within has to say.

The Voice Within

Everyone is invited to the Master’s table. The voice is calling, unrelenting. Sadly though, not everyone hears, not everyone could get in and have a moment with the One who truly cared for us most. Nonetheless, everyone is an eternal spark in the universe. Once conceived, we stay for eternity.

In all creation, man alone was created in the image of his Creator, man alone has been bestowed all the graces and the opportunities that would have made the least among us grateful. The same God who created you and I loves beyond our ability to comprehend and is so unselfish that we were bestowed with the freedom to choose to refuse the goodwill of the One who created us. All over the earth, we alone enjoy that privilege. We alone could say no to God.

Yet, we are not totally left alone. Throughout centuries of human history, we were provided with guides and prophets. These are the men and women who were able to harness and tap energies that prepared them and made them respond to the voice calling from within. Their messages are the foundations from which societies based their civility, morality and laws that have guided us, without which would have made it impossible for humanity to survive.

Often, their lives are the epitome of sacrifices and the world responded many times with ridicule. They plodded on nonetheless and we are what we are now, enjoying what we have now because they dared to show us the path to a better life and better relationships and to lead us to acknowledge powers that are far greater than any of us could imagine. Magnificent powers that could be tapped anytime and that never change whether we choose to believe it or not.

Prophets as we know them are not so commonplace now. Modern prophets are for the most part tinged with the stain of commercialism and the taking advantage of the gullible. But we could see through pretences if not immediately, we ultimately will. The proof of this is that there have been thousands of churches that were established and were defunct over the last three hundred years alone. Modern-day prophets succeeded in throwing people away from churches and better spiritual guidance. Instead of confirmation, they sowed confusion.

Yet not everything is lost. Our soul yearns for us to listen. It is the wordless voice that tells us, even compels us to do what is good for us. It is a power that comforts us and which continually manifests especially during moments when we least expect it. The voice gets louder for those who follow and hear it. And while we have the choice to reject the voice, it never goes away only muted by our loud ego.

It is our choice to suffer longer than need be. It is our choice to turn away from all that is good and to choose pain, negativity and despair. And because we have this choice we can also choose to listen once again to the voice within. To tap into the creative life force, we call God. To utilize the power of affirmative prayer.

When we are prepared to make a different choice the voice within will be heard once again and we can take our rightful place at the Master's table.

Stay still and silent, my brother, and the truth shall set you free!


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