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12 Characteristics of a Servant Leader

"Your gifts are not about You. Leadership is not about You. Your purpose is not about You. A life of significance is about Serving those who need your gifts, your leadership, your purpose." - Kevin Hall, Author “Aspire”

12 Characteristics of a Servant Leader

Servant leadership, when applied correctly, empowers both the leader and others. Take a moment a re-read Kevin’s quote. He’s talking about leaving something out to become a great leader. Have you figured it out? That’s right, servant leadership is without ego.

The more time spent in the brotherhood the more acclimated we are in using the 12 characteristics of servant leadership. We do this by actively practising one characteristic per week developing the skill until mastery is achieved.

We practice listening intently with purpose. We strive to understand and empathize with others. We learn to heal ourselves as we search for wholeness in all relationships. We commit to self-awareness regardless of what we might find as this strengthens us as men. We seek to persuade rather than use positional power when working with others and making decisions. While we dream great dreams we seek a balance between conceptualization and the daily grind. We have the foresight to learn from past mistakes and challenges be they ours or others. We are more than leaders we are stewards with a passion for preparing ourselves to contribute to the greater good of society. We believe in growing as individuals and fostering growth in others. We believe in developing a strong sense of community within our family and work. By sharing our gifts with others we activate our calling to serve. When this happens we make a difference in the lives we touch. As a servant leader, we understand the deep human need to contribute to personally fulfilling enterprises. We do that by nurturing the spirit through honest praise and supportive recognition. Only from the perspective of a servant leader can we truly lead others and become all that we wish to be.


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