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Overcoming Negative Emotions

Do you feel stuck, unhappy, unloved or taken advantage of? Do societal pressures and high expectations leave you feeling drained, negative and unhappy?

If so you are not alone my friend, many men feel exactly the same way.

What if you could feel happy, loved and in control again? What if the solution is simple but just takes practice?

If you are constantly focusing on the negative whys in your life then that is where your energy is directed, inviting negative experiences into your life. ie: “why am I not attracting the right partner, job, friendship, abundance, happiness” etc, etc, you get the picture.

On a surface level you may "think" you are doing one thing- but on another, more powerful level something else is going on.

Purposely Direct Your Thoughts

Instead, focus on being ready and open, be happy for other people who have what you want. Emotions are energy in motion, the energy you put out is what is given back to you.

If it is abundance you are looking for then see abundance in everything, lots of food in your cupboard, lots of clothes in your closet, lots of shows on tv. Nature is amazingly abundant, how many blades of grass in your lawn, leaves on your tree, stones in your gravel driveway etc

If it is love you are interested in attracting be happy for others who are with their ideal partner, feel their happiness as yours, feeling the positive emotion prior to the event is what draws it to you. Think of a time in your life when you were happy and embrace that emotion or think of someone you love and let that feeling wash over you.

Experience Positive Change

Expect nothing in return other than the positive emotion and after practising that it will become an automatic response and then your life will change, trust me. I was in an unhappy marriage feeling taken for granted and misunderstood until one day I decided not to live like that anymore. Instead, I decided to find positivity in my day regardless of the circumstance.

Now a year and a half later I am single and have encouraging, funny women in my life. I am not ready to date any of them, but I went from a negative co-dependent relationship to being contentedly independent and now experience more happiness in my life than I have in a long time. Everything changed because of how I started to look at and feel about my life, positivity attracts positivity. I know my perfect partner is out there and it is only a matter of time before we find each other.

The other added bonus is if you have experienced what you don’t want in life then you know what you do want and when you have it you appreciate it that much more.

Once you silence your inner critic and focus on the positive things in life you will start to heal your negative emotions, learn your value and attract positive people and experiences. Doesn’t that sound like a great way to live?

Let me explain in next week's article, "How our Thoughts Shape Our Life.✊👊


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