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How to Win at Life

You know there is nothing more painful than feeling lost, hurt, alone, misunderstood and unloved? I don't know about you but each of those emotions has played key parts in my life.

The question I have for you is do you know how to overcome your anger, heal your wounds and have a new sense of who you are as a man?

No? Then start by answering this question.

What do success and happiness mean to you? A good job? Nice house? Happy family? Lots of friends? Respect from your peers? Wealth?

Success and happiness are as unique to each one of us as are the daily struggles we face.

So, what if I told you the key to changing your world begins with how you think?

The Energy of Thought

Your thoughts create energy and the energy you send out acts like a boomerang and brings the same kind of energy back to you. Sounds simple and it is, but digging down and getting to the root of our subconscious beliefs takes some practice.

Have you ever wondered how can two people have exactly the same experience and produce different results? It's the same experience so what is the difference?

It's how they felt about the experience.

The Engine behind our thoughts

Emotions are energy in motion and the more positive energy you put out the more positive experiences are drawn to you. Our conscious mind thinks about what needs to be done, how we need to do it when it needs to be done etc and this is the part of us that generates stress.

Every time we feel neglected, unloved, shunned, unhappy we create enormous energy around those thoughts which create subconscious beliefs and behaviours. To be empowered, we need to be aware of what we think and how we react to external circumstances.

So how do we overcome negative emotions?

Well, that's the topic for next weeks article. 👍👊


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