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How to fix that draining feeling

Have you ever said to someone, maybe yourself that you’re feeling drained? I know I have. This feeling happens when we are emotionally exhausted or worn out and if left unaddressed can lead to burnout. And it starts when we feel our lives are unmanageable and we have lost our power. Hey brother, that’s never a great place to be.

It’s not unusual for anyone to feel tired or down. It can mean a myriad of things. Anything from lifestyle, mental fatigue, stress, nutrition, you name it. But what if we don’t know what is causing it then what do you do? Well, that is what we are going to discover in this article.

Where is That Draining Feeling Coming From?

When we recognize that we are feeling drained there are a few things we can point to that might be the culprit. For some, the experience shows up as a lack of motivation. You know there are things you need to do but struggle to get them started let alone finished.

Emotionally, we can be more irritable than normal or be over the top with our anger. Both emotions are ones if we attempt to suppress can get us in real trouble then when we are feeling drained, they can just explode. So, it’s important to recognize when these feelings are as Emeril Lagasse used to say, “kick it up a notch” and are about to cause irreparable damage.

Changes in our lifestyle can show up with feeling physically fatigued, having trouble concentrating, insomnia or just having trouble sleeping and a change in appetite are all indications something is off-kilter.

At work, our sharpness might be off. We are absent-minded and get nervous when we normally wouldn’t. We miss deadlines or have a lower commitment and drive to get things done. In other words, we become apathetic. Apathy in the workplace is commonplace and deserves a thorough review.

How Did We Get Here?

Feeling drained can sneak upon us. The normal daily stress we encounter is typically handled without much fuss. But over time, this stress can become chronic if there is enough consistent pressure put on it. This kind of stress puts a toll on our bodies. So, that’s the key. Some stress is ok. Being under constant pressure is not. And it doesn’t matter where the stress comes from. If it is chronic it’s not good.

How to Feel Less Drained

Finding a strategy that works for you will be different for everyone. The first step is being aware that it’s happening in the first place. Next, if it isn’t obvious the focus needs to be on eliminating the stressor. Now, quitting your job might not be in the cards right now or leaving your marriage. Now, those are dramatic so, what are some other things we can consider?

Here are a few ideas from Medical News Today[1]

Changing working conditions: When a job causes a person to feel fatigued, making a change in their work-life may improve things. For example, a person might need more time off, a reduction in their workload, or more support from colleagues.

Practising good self-care: Exercising, eating a healthful diet, getting plenty of sleep, and staying hydrated can all help improve a person’s resilience. This may ease symptoms of mental exhaustion or prevent its onset.

Trying mindfulness: Mindfulness practices, such as meditation, help a person become more aware of their emotions. This can make it easier to manage burnout, fatigue, or depression.

Making medication changes: Some people find that certain drugs, including some antidepressants, cause them to feel fatigued. People should consult a doctor about whether a different drug might be more beneficial.

Seeking therapy: Seeking mental health support, such as seeing a therapist, can help a person better deal with stress. A therapist can also recommend positive lifestyle changes that may reduce the impact of stress.

Seeking mental healthcare: People with mental health conditions such as anxiety or depression need treatment. It is not possible for them to “think” themselves out of the condition and delaying treatment may increase exhaustion.

It would be great to say we can prevent ourselves from feeling drained, but I just don’t see that happening. At some point in our lives, we are going to find ourselves in a place where our mojo just isn’t there anymore. By instilling a sound practice of daily self-care we can mitigate the effects of mental and physical exhaustion.

I also recommend joining a men’s circle or group especially if you are in the early stages of feeling a bit drained. Not every man is ready for therapy so joining a men’s group can help you work through some of life’s stresses. Of course, if your symptoms lean more towards chronic stress then see a licensed health care provider for support along with a men’s group.



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