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How Our Thoughts Shape Our Life

Our Subconscious Thoughts Become our Reality

Our subconscious mind is where our learned behaviours guide us through our everyday reality that we don’t need to consciously think about. For example, when you were learning to walk, talk, feed and dress yourself, you had to focus on each step. Now they are all learned behaviours that your subconscious mind just looks after without you wasting one ounce of energy.

While we don't have to consciously spend energy on this kind of stuff, our subconscious mind does emit energy signals based on the principles you have conditioned it to believe.

How much Influence Do Our Subconscious Thoughts Have

Our subconscious thoughts bring to us the things, people and circumstances in accordance with our earnest desire, demand, and will. Even if you are consciously thinking positive thoughts about that promotion, a new relationship or house it is our subconscious programming that we aren’t even aware of that creates our reality.

We have been forming these thoughts from the time we were born. Every time we feel neglected, unloved, shunned, unhappy we create enormous energy around those thoughts which create subconscious beliefs and behaviours.

Empowerment comes from being aware of what we think about and learning to control our reaction to external circumstances.

So here's the challenge. How do we change our belief's enough to create the things we desire in life?

Well, it starts with retraining your subconscious mind.

Tame the Beast

You do that by being aware of your thoughts and eliminating the negative and only allowing positive ideas, imagery and emotion to enter your mind. One powerful emotion-packed positive thought can negate a day's worth of negative thinking.

Overcoming your negative thoughts takes practice but like learning to walk, every day it gets easier.

If you focus on what makes you happy then happiness becomes a state of mind, if you truly believe you are worthy then the things you want are drawn to you. What you experience in life is heavily dependent upon what your subconscious beliefs are about life.

Positive beliefs create a positive mental state which allows you to generate positive mental strategies for a successful happy life.

It's a simple plan but it's not easy. It takes commitment to see it through. But then again, what in life is worth anything without commitment? Not much I would say.

In the next article, we tackle how to attract what you want. ✊👊


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