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What Does Brotherhood Mean?

Help your brother's boat across, and your own will reach the shore. Hindu Proverb

When you hear the word “brotherhood” what comes to mind? Many of us will think of unions, fraternity’s, and religious organizations. Each of these groups springs within us a plethora of thoughts and beliefs. Encased by our past experiences, what we have been taught about them and our judgements, some positive and others not. However, it is not until we are immersed in a group that we can truly understand and appreciate the benefits the brotherhood serves to its members.

What does this mean for Band of Brothers? First and foremost, each of us holds close the other nine precepts. Next, we believe in the value the group brings for ourselves and one another. We care deeply for the wellbeing of all men including those not yet in our brotherhood. Finally, it is a bond as strong as the ones we share with our flesh and blood. As a brother, everything we share and do is sacred to the group. We live in honour of all men!

The Brotherhood is the glue that binds the other precepts together and gives the group it’s strength. At its core, the brotherhood is surrounded by the four powers of spiritual wellbeing, success in all aspects of our lives, strength of character, and service to all. The more time you spend with us the clearer these powers will become!


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