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Imagine a group of brothers, where each member’s primary focus is to help his brother be the best he can be. Now, imagine within this group, each man listens with an open heart and mind, no judgement, just support and understanding for the topic at hand and what their brother is sharing. Where we share and remind each other of our commitment to the group and the precepts. A place where healthy masculinity is learned and developed while allowing men to be authentic soulful men.

It’s a place where your values are respected. Where your vision of life gains clarity. Where we will compassionately tell you the truth about your strengths, when you sell yourself short and pick you up when you are at your lowest. Where you are loved, honored and supported.

This is what the band of brothers is all about. Conscious men supporting each other.

The value of your investment is equal to what you put into the program. The more involved you are more you will get of it. 

As the commitment to your development grows so does the amount of collaboration and success you will find with the program.

Webinar Format

Designed in a webinar format, Band of  Brothers meets weekly on Tuesdays.

Webinars are 90 minutes.


Join the brotherhood and receive access to everything.

Downloadable Content

Each webinar comes with a printable powerpoint presentation and Band of Brother's precept workbook so you can make notes and record the most important ideas and learning in a go-to place.

Relevant Topics

While every webinar will touch on one of the ten precepts we will also unpack and take on tough topics affecting men today. There are no sacred cows in the brotherhood.


Quizzes, live chat, and group work, the webinar is designed to marry collaboration with content. Those that chose to participate will gain the most out of the webinar.

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