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Band of Brothers Group Mentorship Program



Where Real Brothers Walk with You!

When The Rest of the World Walks On You!

Do you ever catch yourself wondering...

I have made progress in my life so why do I feel jaded?

I have a good life and would like to see it get even better

I have tried to make changes to my life and it never seems to stick

I don’t know what I believe in anymore. I need help in figuring this out

Some parts of my life are amazing but it’s costing me 

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The Awakened Man Training Academy

The academy is our membership hub. It contains a mix of complementary content, courses and the Band of Brothers Men’s Circle. It’s home to a brotherhood of men who are ready to reclaim their passion, purpose and power.

Here’s what you will find:

  • The Armoury (Free Resource Hub)

  • Band of Brothers 2021

  • The Evolving Man Podcast

  • The Forge (Coaching & Leadership)

Welcome to Band of Brothers! You're in the right Place.

My name is Alain Dumonceaux and I help men like you learn to be conscious men, reclaim your mojo while remaining centered and grounded. No ego, just being!

Band of Brothers

A private men's circle that meets weekly discussing topics affecting men today including career, marriage, relationships, money, fatherhood, spirituality and many more. 

We offer a structured meeting format with room for sharing, feedback and growth.

Members receive a free meeting guide/journal with lots of space for you to capture inspiration, work on the important things in your life and more.

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Wheel of Life Integrity Challenge Websit
The Wheel of Life Integrity Challenge

Do you know when you are in integrity?

Complete a quick integrity assessment in the 6 life pillars:


  1. Work/Career 

  2. Finance

  3. Health/Body

  4. Home/Environment

  5. Relationships

  6. Personal Empowerment


Know at a glance the pillars that are out of integrity

The Armoury

On every journey, you need tools (armaments) to ensure a successful voyage. In the Armoury, you will find manifestos, quizzes, articles and reports.

The best thing is these are all free.

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Return of The King

Do you live life with a definitive purpose or does life just seem to happen?

Living life on purpose means taking full responsibility for everything. To do that successfully requires a life purpose and road map to guide you. By the end of this program, you have both.

Divided into 13 lesson plans, with video and written content, self-assessments, a bi-weekly check-in to help you stay on track and a certificate of achievement.

Intake for this program occurs once a month.  Miss the date, no worries you can always start the following month.

The Evolving Man Podcast

Are you looking for that edge? The answers to life's deepest questions? The Evolving Man Podcast brings clarity to these questions and so much more. From interviews with thought leaders today in the fields of personal development, relationships, marriage, fatherhood, intimacy, etc. There is sure to be something for you. 

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Sean C

I really appreciate spending time each week with my brothers in the Band of Brothers. I finally found a home where I can be open and express myself

Randy H

This group helps me be gentler with myself - not so demanding. They encourage me to pursue my passions in a healthy and supportive way.

J. Anthony Fernando

I recommend Band of Brothers to any man who is wanting more out of life. hearing other men talk about their experiences, successes and failures was very important to my perception of how I show up in my life.


Find out everything we are up to inside. Our content ranges from vlogs to articles, podcasts, and so much more.  See you on the other side!

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