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Imagine a group of brothers, where each member’s primary focus is to help his brother be the best he can be. Now, imagine within this group, each man listens with an open heart and mind, no judgement, just support and understanding for the topic at hand and what their brother is sharing. Where we share and remind each other of our commitment to the group and the precepts. A place where healthy masculinity is learned and developed while allowing men to be authentic soulful men.

It’s a place where your values are respected. Where your vision of life gains clarity. Where we will compassionately tell you the truth about your strengths, when you sell yourself short and pick you up when you are at your lowest. Where you are loved, honored and supported.

This is what the band of brothers is all about. Conscious men supporting each other.


The Band of Brothers exists to welcome all men regardless of faith and ethnicity. We value character over reputation, action over talk, honesty over fluff, wisdom over platitudes and strength over timidity.


We are a brotherhood that shares our experiences, strength, and wisdom with each other, so we may once again lead a meaningful and purpose-drive life.

band of brothers

Led by our core values of brotherhood, authenticity, servant leadership, spirit, fearlessness, vulnerability, perseverance, strength, wisdom, and love we will succeed when all men that join us develop and display healthy masculinity, are in touch with their core values and beliefs and become masters of their lives.

Band of Brothers Group Mentorship Program
Module 1 - Return of The King 

In this module, we take a deep look within to discover what makes us tick. Between the four horsemen of life, the dark brother within through to vision and purpose this module is the transformation engine that drives everything that follows. 

Module 2 - The Man Box - Creating A New Identity

In this module, we explore our definition of masculinity and manhood. By the end of this module, you will have uncovered blind spots in your definition. You will become more aware of your thoughts, words and actions and their impact on yourself and others. You will gain perspective on your beliefs about masculinity & manliness. And, you will know what a healthy centred masculine man is.

Module 3 - The Psychology of Connections 

In this module, we focus on relationships especially looking at the most influential relationships we have in our lives and how we interact within each. When we know how to exist in these varying relationships our lives become more enjoyable.

Module 4 - The Precepts - The Guide Posts For Living a Purposeful Life

In this module, we delve into the 10 precepts the Band of Brothers is built upon. While we touch on each of them several times through previous module topics this time we dive deep into the meaning of each one.

Module 5 - Marriage Success - Creating a Space For Two

In this module, we look at possibly the closest relationship we will ever have in our lives and that is with our spouses. This relationship can be the greatest or not and it depends on how we choose our interactions. We can’t change others but we can change how we show up.

Together we have over 50 topics that when put to the test profoundly changes who we are as men. 


“Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one.”

-Marcus Aurelius-

As I travel through life, my life is enriched by the company I keep. Today I endeavour to always be available to support my universal brothers.  I am your brother!

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