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The Revolutionary Man Podcast Guest Interview Information


Thank you for being a guest on the Revolutionary Man Podcast. You’re life’s journey and lessons will change the lives of countless listeners and for that, I am honoured to have you on the show.

I'm looking forward to our interview!

Please follow the steps below.

First things first: 


Make sure you have quality audio set up (earbuds are fine) and a nice background as this will be published on podcast feeds and YouTube.

Step 1: Share Stories

I will ask you open questions and I invite you to share your own stories or stories that will help you illustrate your points. It is best to have three in mind you can share based on the topic of our episode. 

Step 2: Professional Headshot


Please send me a professional photo. I'll use this to promote your episode and make sure people know whom they're listening to!


Step 3: Referral to the show

Do you know someone that would be a perfect fit for the show? Please email me their social media info and website and I'll check them out. If they look like a great fit, would you be willing to do a simple email introduction? That would be amazing!


Step 4: Leave a review on Apple Podcasts about YOUR Episode

Please visit the show page and drop a like, review, and subscribe. When you leave a great review this not only promotes my show it also will promote your episode. You can use the Apple Podcast site or any other platform you prefer.


Note: It's best to do these reviews using your phone

Thank you again for being a guest on The Revolutionary Man Podcast. I look forward to promoting your episode and getting your wisdom and insight out to my listeners. Changing just one life as a result of what you shared is my goal. Everything else is BONUS!! 

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