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Welcome, brotha to the next phase of your journey to freedom!

The journey of The Awakened Man coming to fruition has been one of challenge, loss, fear, sadness, hope, joy, and re-awakening. While it’s taken nearly two decades to arrive here I can say I would do it all over again. As I look at today, I feel fully alive as a man, guided by spirit and completely engaged in all aspects of my life!

Well, ok, there’s some stuff that won’t require a do-over. Whew, I am grateful for that!

Alain Dumonceaux - Founder of The Awakened Man

Who We Are

The Awakened Man began almost 20 years ago when as a young man Alain Dumonceaux had life by the tail. Everything that could go right did go right. Married his high school sweetheart, became a father and homeowner. Had a successful career as an award-winning chef winning two silver medals at the World Culinary Olympics in Frankfurt, Germany. Life couldn’t have gotten any better. Honour, prestige, success and a fat head! 

Then the crash. He lost everything and he means everything. House, wife, kids, job and bankruptcy. It was such a low time in his life that the only plastic in his wallet were reward cards and his home was a 550 square foot bachelor suite with a view of the neighborhood graveyard. Talk about looking at your potential future!

Then one day he came across a book by Og Mandino called the University of Success. It changed his life. For the next 20 years, his obsession was to answer one question, “How can a man be so successful and yet destroy everything in an instant?”.

Well, the answer may sound simple, he’s a bone head. But its actually much deeper than that.

His journey took him to all corners of his soul. From the dark side to the light, from counsellor to therapist, from neuroscience to NLP, and from philosophy to the great spiritual masters. No stone was left unturned and along the way, he discovered the true answer. For a man to be truly successful, all aspects of his life must be in alignment with his authentic self.

Today, The Awakened Man combines these 20 years of research, trial and error, umpteen courses, certifications and meditation retreats into a program that is built specifically for men. Alain's mission today is to empower men, like him to live fully engaged lives. Who continue to remain on the cutting edge of their greatness while having it all. 

The Awakened Man is an inclusive place for men of all walks of life, faith, beliefs and ethnicity. All we ask is for you to be engaged in your journey to greatness.


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